Private Italian Tutor in North West London

My name is Matthew Brown and welcome to my Italian tutoring page.

So why learn Italian?
  • The words are easy to pronounce
  • It is the language used for playing a musical instrument
  • It is frequently the language of Opera and Fashion
  • If you have already studied French or Spanish or both, Italian will be a lot easier
  • Slightly fewer verb endings than in French and Spanish

Why choose me as an Italian Tutor?

I will be the ideal Italian tutor up to an Intermediate Level with my strong knowledge of the grammar, for example and for guiding pupils who have already studied French and/or Spanish also pointing out less obvious parallels between the languages that not many people talk about.

Is Italian closer to French or Spanish?

The pronunciation is without question far closer to Spanish than French, but that aside, the Italian grammar is overall closer to French than Spanish with its definite and indefinite articles and past participle agreements, just for example. Italian differs from both languages in not using an "S" to make a word plural. From what I have read and noticed Italian vocabulary is slightly closer to French than Spanish, on the whole.

My fees

I charge from £30 per hour for the quality service provided.

How to contact me

Please call me on 07776273919 or email me to book an enjoyable Italian tutoring lesson today.