News & Updates

I typically tutor in the Barnet, Harrow, Camden and Westminster boroughs, for example. However, two days per week I can easily tutor in the Kingston, Richmond and Merton London boroughs as I will be in the area anyway. Apart from those 2 days, tuition may still be possible in similar areas especially if the pupil lives near a train station.
Forget learning to the test and now learn the subject as a whole. With my excellent tuition and my education under a similar old system I do believe I will be able to help you get the best out of yourself and enjoy Maths, French or Spanish or Chess as a hobby.
​You may have heard about the Hannah's sweets question in the June 2015 Edexcel Maths Non Calculator paper. It was a matter of pretending that N was any ordinary number and asking oneself what they would do then and solve the equation that results. It was a Quadratic Equation and provided you knew how to solve one then not too hard at all. It is so important to realise that topics can be mixed up together and to read the question so carefully.
For those finishing Year 9, this will be a very important Summer holiday to brush up on your Maths as Year 10 and 11 will be a continuation and progression of what you do and do not know yet. With the workload becoming heavier in Year 10 now is a very important opportunity and also because the Algebra for example will be a lot harder. However daunting this may seem, it does make sense for those wishing to do A Level or IB Maths.
I will be around most of this Summer, so please get in touch if you need help in my subjects with the added advantage of not being tired at the end of the school day.
Three out of my four pupils who sat their GCSEs this year were awarded an A*. My other pupils continue to make excellent progress, for example one of my Maths pupils went from being near the bottom of his year at the end of the Summer term to being above the year average at the end of this term in a year of roughly fifty pupils.

The general feedback suggests that my tuition helps my pupils to understand my subjects properly and then to apply this understanding which according to them is a rarity these days.
I must also thank the families for giving me these wonderful opportunities to help to get the best out of these pupils.